"Healing Emotional Wounds"  

Time to climb out of the pit


If you struggle with excessive anger, needing to control situations, or seek comfort from anxiety or depression, you likely have Emotional Wounds.

These struggles are typical symptoms of brokenness. Sometimes you may feel it builds a wall between you and God. Some even blame Him or have difficulty believing God loves them. If you feel depressed or broken, then this Special Report can help you.

In life there are many causes for Emotional Wounds. Whether it be loss of a loved one, childhood sexual abuse, abandonment, divorce, physical or emotional abuse, or a broken relationship, you need to acknowledge your helplessness and press through the wall.

We know you'll benefit from reading this and meditating on just how much God DOES love you!  Peace and blessings.                                      

The Question Is "Do You
Want to Heal?"

Walk with me through the the healing process. You can overcome depression, loneliness,worthlessness, low self worth, addictions, and excessive anger.     

Those deep wounds and betrayal can affect--
your behavior
your relationships
your choice in a marriage partner
And your relationship with God
Do you struggle with questions like--

Why do I feel this way.  Why do I do the things I do?  What’s wrong with me?  Why can’t I change?  




We Live in a Broken World

     Truth distorted- becomes deception.
     Love distorted- becomes co-dependency.
     Passion distorted- becomes obsession.
      Hard working- becomes workaholic.
      Strong leadership- becomes controlling.
      Rest and relaxation- becomes laziness.
      Excellence- becomes perfectionism.

Any combination of these traits can work havoc in relationships, in a marriage and in raising children.

A similar traumatic childhood experience can manifest itself in various behaviours in different personality types.

  • For one individual a deep wound may be the root cause of severe long-term depression, low self-worth, love hunger, or addictions.